Culture vs Wellbeing: What comes first for a leader?

Leaders and organisations know by now that topical band-aid wellbeing solutions just aren’t effective anymore. And it’s plaguing the true effectiveness of a holistic, leader-led program that combines organisational culture and wellbeing at all levels. With new WHS legislation, and a workforce that’s feeling burnt out, organisations can no longer turn a blind eye to the wellbeing of their people.

More than half of Australian workers are feeling burnt out at work.

Wellbeing isn't a one-and-done effort; it's an ongoing process that requires constant work, evolution and implementation by you: the leaders. Without a top-down, leader-led approach, how do you expect individuals to actively improve their own wellbeing?

Only 52% of Australian employees in 2022 rated their employer's commitment to improving wellbeing for employees as good.

How can you lead the charge? By understanding how your people really feel. Science and research-backed solutions, combined with measurable data, means you are armed with information and the strategies to turn it around.

Caring for your people is caring for your organisation.

Wellbeing expert Eliza Diniakos and Skodel Founder Ian Fagan join forces to share with you how culture and wellbeing work together to create a truly unique, measurable and sustainable wellbeing model in your organisation. 


We’ll unpack what wellbeing really means, how a leader truly impacts their teams and how caring for your people, means caring for your organisation.

Eliza Diniakos

Corporate Edge Coach and Wellbeing Expert

Ian Fagan

Director and Founder of Skodel

You will learn.

  • What organisational culture really means.
  • How it integrates with wellbeing. 
  • How you as a leader can take advantage of both.
  • Skodel insights and measures, to ensure you’re on track with your integrated wellbeing initiatives.
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