Workplace wellbeing with Skodel

Understand the reason behind how your team feels at work and why.

A challenge all organisations face is engaging everyone to take a proactive approach in looking after their personal wellbeing. When done well, that’s when individuals and organisations flourish.

The Skodel Check-in features make it easy for leaders to drive engagement and fun for everyone to participate.

Get access to leader insights on how your teams are feeling about specific changes in the workplace. Find out what is causing the issue at the click of a button.


Check-in Process

The first step to moving towards making emotions work for you is being able to label them accurately and share them honestly.

The three step question check-in can be tailored by groups in your workplace. For example, ask your teams “how are you feeling about the new strategy?”.

Insights for Leaders

Empower leaders and team members with insights to better understand their personal wellbeing and make small changes.

Interact with your team in simple and easy ways to improve their wellbeing.

Timely Support    

Great coaches can unblock those uncomfortable feelings and challenging situations we face so that we can be at our productive best.

The built in toolkits and resources support everyone in implementing the changes they identify.


Skodel Features

Empower everyone in your workplace to build their emotional intelligence so they can perform at their best in work and life.

Why use a wellbeing platform in your organisation?

Check-in with your Team

To be able to do a company (or department) wide check in to see how people are feeling and what is driving those feelings.

Support Individual Wellbeing

To allow the team to do their own check in’s when they are experiencing either positive or negative emotions anonymously.

Coaching Support

To allow the team to have access to coaching prompts guiding them to make the right decisions on how to manage their experience and emotions.

Measure your Wellbeing Score with Insights

To have insights into wellbeing trends and how they are being created.

Tools and Resources           

To allow the team access to a vast array of support toolkits and other resources that will help their personal development.

Leadership Development

To provide leaders with support toolkits and resources to assist them in responding to feedback from their teams.

Corporate Edge has been instrumental in shaping our organisational culture. We can attribute a large part of how and why we do things to the insight, experience and mentorship that Corporate Edge have provided. We have partnered with them on individual executive coaching, developing culture and leadership principles and facilitating many leadership retreats. Each and every experience we’ve had with the team at Corporate Edge has been a deeply worthwhile, valuable and meaningful one. They work hard to get to know our organisation and our people. We owe much of our success and growth to them and for that we see them as true long-term partners.

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