Define, refine and articulate your unique culture.

At the heart of all great organisations is an amazing culture.

An amazing culture is one that allows the team to challenge, be creative, to cooperate and therefore collaborate. This sets the platform for future relevance and growth and enables the team to contribute to the organisational purpose and sustainable success. Creating such a culture is what drives us at Corporate Edge, we are focused on the achievement of Culture Alignment.


Unique Process   

We have developed a unique process that allows us to capture culture and articulate it in such a way that it removes ambiguity, allowing the leaders to be able to communicate with absolute clarity the type of organisation the team works for. We do this by pulling together each of the already defined aspects of culture within an organisation and facilitating the creation of the aspects not already in place.

Integrated Approach

We work with the Executive team to ensure their alignment (the most important thing), then the creation of the culture statement through to launch and embedding across the broader team. This includes closing any identified leadership skill gaps through coaching and tailored leadership blended learning programs.

Support & Guidance

The success is measured by engagement, which is the end result of having the right leadership and culture working together to create a cooperative and high performing team. Our team is here to guide, support and partner you throughout the entire process to becoming a more aligned, culture driven organisation.

How we work with you.

If history has taught us anything, it’s that we know what works. We have formulated a specific framework to problem-solving, alignment and development that works at all levels of people and organisations.

The ACCE model works as a foundation for the development and planning of our target and proven programs. A layered tool, it delves into the core solutions that are needed for alignment, development and ultimately organisational success.


Building a
unified culture

It is essential that the leadership team are fully aligned on their why and the way forward as well as the role they play.


Clarify the desired future state

The leadership team aligns on what success looks like and what strategies are required to move the organisation from their current state to a designed future state.


Co-creating the desired solution

A well-designed solution plan is a necessity, and it is important that it is driven by leadership and delivered with coordinated efforts by the organisation.


the plan

The key is for leadership to engage and empower people across the organisation to embed long lasting change.

Why articulate your culture?

To define an organisation’s unique identity

To enable the future growth of the organisation

To create a lasting, consistent culture that is in line with local and global expectations

To attract and retain great talent

To enhance the current level of engagement

To allow all leaders to communicate the culture consistently

Measure the team behaviours against it

Create an aligned team that is focused on collective problem solving

Cooperation, integration and collaboration across the teams

How culture impacts performance

The relationship between leadership and culture is cyclical because as a great culture is formed and the effect on the employees and the broader community becomes known, it attracts, retains and develops better and more engaged talent.

The culture capture process

The Culture Capture program takes place over approximately 4 months culminating in a company wide launch. The net result is an organisation aligned and clear about the culture which will drive the success of tomorrow and guide the actions of today.

Corporate Edge has been instrumental in shaping our organisational culture. We can attribute a large part of how and why we do things to the insight, experience and mentorship that Corporate Edge have provided. We have partnered with them on individual executive coaching, developing culture and leadership principles and facilitating many leadership retreats. Each and every experience we’ve had with the team at Corporate Edge has been a deeply worthwhile, valuable and meaningful one. They work hard to get to know our organisation and our people. We owe much of our success and growth to them and for that we see them as true long-term partners.

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