Executive alignment

Ensuring Senior Leadership Teams work as one.

Challenge and align your executive teams to become an outstanding group of inspirational leaders.

The alignment and cooperation of your senior leadership team is critical to the success of your organisation, especially during periods of significant change and growth. This team sets the standard for behaviour and provides the clarity of strategic direction. An aligned and cohesive team is a powerful force for unleashing the true potential of an organisation, leading to transformational change.


Instil Ownership   

We facilitate your senior leaders to own the responsibility of organisational success, knowing that they set the Vision, Strategy and Culture necessary for that success. That their unified approach sets the standard for the rest of the organisation ensuring team alignment at all levels.

Create a Team Charter

We facilitate the leadership team to create a team agreement of how they work together through their team Purpose, Vision, Commitment and Behaviours. Creating alignment around what they are trying to achieve as a team.

Trust & Vulnerability

We facilitate the leadership team to build greater levels of trust by showing greater levels of vulnerability. This allows the team to build an environment of psychological safety which in turn allows them to challenge more and provide essential feedback and recognition.

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Phil and the Corporate Edge team for over 10 years. Phil and the team have been instrumental in helping us build a strong purpose driven cultural program within Canon Business Services, a program that truly is embedded in our organisation and is the foundation of our success. Corporate Edge have also been heavily involved in coaching and leadership development programs across our business, successful programs that have really made a difference. I have always found them awesome to deal with, they really care about our success.

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