leadership development

Evolving all levels of leaders, one step at a time.

Targeting capability gaps to build effective leaders, at all levels.

Leaders are responsible for organisational success and the performance of their teams and team members. At Corporate Edge, we target identified leadership capability gaps within your organisation, giving your leaders the knowledge, skill and confidence to create engagement, ownership and teamwork. We give your leaders the tools and development they need to actively lead your culture, including your Purpose, Vision and Values, inspiring the team and aligning them towards a common goal.


Create Self-Awareness

Building self-awareness is the first step to developing leadership capability and confidence. We help provide clarity on what they need to develop within themselves, for them to actively and effectively support their teams.

and Skills

With our blended learning approach and interactive facilitated workshops, everyone will build the necessary skills to learn and grow within themselves and as leaders. Our leadership development programs challenge and inspire all individuals to reach their potential.

Embed Behaviour Change

Behaviour change is a crucial element to the success of a leadership development program. Using our specifically designed facilitation process, we challenge participants to think differently whilst providing them with the necessary tools and support to overcome behavioural blocks to implement their learnings throughout their day-to-day activities.

Corporate Edge has been instrumental in shaping our organisational culture. We can attribute a large part of how and why we do things to the insight, experience and mentorship that Corporate Edge have provided. We have partnered with them on individual executive coaching, developing culture and leadership principles and facilitating many leadership retreats. Each and every experience we’ve had with the team at Corporate Edge has been a deeply worthwhile, valuable and meaningful one. They work hard to get to know our organisation and our people. We owe much of our success and growth to them and for that we see them as true long-term partners.

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