Data-driven, humanised solutions for wellbeing at work.

Nearly 70% of HR leaders reported an increase in burnout at their organisation in 2023.

Unmind 2024 ‘HR 2030 Report’

Leaders and organisations know by now that topical band-aid wellbeing solutions just aren’t effective anymore. And it’s plaguing the true effectiveness of a holistic, leader-led program that combines organisational culture and wellbeing at all levels.
With new WHS legislation and a workforce that’s feeling burnt out, organisations can no longer turn a blind eye to the wellbeing of their people.

Science and research-backed solutions, combined with measurable data, means you are armed with information and the strategies to turn it around.

It starts with understanding how your people really feel.

Our approach to wellbeing is more than just a program. It’s a top-down, leader-led approach that encourages individuals to take ownership of their own wellbeing, while equipping leaders with the tools and resilience they need to lead their team by example.

According to Headspace’s Workforce State of Mind 2024 Report, 48% of employees report turning to their managers for mental health support. Understanding the wellbeing of your leaders, teams and individuals is the first step.

  • It starts with culture – the overarching environment the team experiences every day
  • Creating a supportive environment and encouraging open communication
  • Demonstrating a visible and active commitment to their team’s wellbeing
  • Making the health of their team an objective of their business
  • Allocating resources to wellbeing
  • Implementing practices that have an impact on workplace mental wellbeing
  • Making a conscious effort towards caring for their own mental health
  • Considering the health and happiness of their colleagues
  • Feeling confident to share their thoughts and feelings about their wellbeing to their team and leaders
  • Employee-led initiatives such as lunch clubs, walking groups, and walk and talks
  • Anonymous individual check-ins, which can be ad-hoc or scheduled to target specific events within teams/departments
  • High-level understanding of overall wellbeing, allowing organisations to make adjustments based on accurate analytics
  • Create a safe space for individuals to express their feelings
  • Resources and guides to support the wellbeing journey
  • Wellbeing platform that drives engagement, that supports the Wellbeing Program

In 2022, 52% of Australian employees rated their employer's commitment to improving wellness for employees as good.

Employment Hero 2022 'Wellness Report'

Equip Leaders

Equip leaders with the knowledge, understanding and resources to effectively support their teams through their wellbeing at work.

Own Wellbeing

Empower individuals to own their wellbeing journey, teaching them about resilience, the power of their mind, taking personal accountability, self-talk and more.


Interpret and analyse Skodel data to implement real and sustainable changes throughout the organisation.

Leader Insights

Get access to leader insights on how teams are feeling about specific changes in the workplaces.

Wellbeing Culture

Create a culture of wellbeing, that goes above and beyond, attracting top talent, encouraging high-performance and increasing engagement.

Positive Duty

Adhering to new legislative changes and employer’s positive duty around wellbeing and mental health at work.

Psychosocial Legislation

Adhering to the recent changes to the new Psychosocial Legislation (ISO45003) and increasing jurisdictional codes of practice require organisations to identify and control psychosocial risks like they do physical threats.

What's included

Three-phased wellbeing program targeting all levels of the organisation, plus access to data and analytics supporting the integration and rollout of the program.

Six half-day workshops for leaders to understand how to lead wellbeing for their teams.

Twelve 1-hour Lunch & Learn’s as part of the ‘individuals’ program, understanding how to create wellbeing.

Designed collateral and tools for all workshops.

Setup, upskill and integration of the Skodel wellbeing platform, to measure, understand and analyse key data.

Support organisations with a high level understanding of overall wellbeing, allowing changes and adjustments based on accurate analytics.

Investing in your people is investing in your organisation.

Investing in a measurable approach to wellbeing means endless flow on effects. Your people will become more energetic, productive, committed and most of all engaged at work. The happier the individual, the better their performance, resulting in less outgoing costs, increased output and increased likelihood of attracting and retaining talent.

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