How to Become a Trusted Mentor

Anyone in a leadership position, or who actively plays a role in helping others learn has an opportunity to build their skills as a mentor. All of us in life have people that we turn to as sounding boards or trusted advisors when we’re facing challenges. These people are, in fact, our mentors. In this […]

The Inspirational Technique the World’s Best Leaders Use

We can probably all remember loving stories as we grew up as children. Naturally when we hear people talk we love listening to their stories, because they ignite our imagination and fire up the right side of our brain, which speaks to our emotions, opposed to pure logic. Even now, it’s in our nature to […]

Creating a Coaching Culture in your Organisation

One of the top reasons why people choose to leave an organisation is a lack of coaching and mentoring from their manager. Closely trailing this reason is a lack of career development opportunities which is as much about personal growth as it is about progression or advancement. Even more important than both of these is the […]

Are You Ready for the Corporate Culture You Need?

As a senior leader, have you ever asked yourself the question: “are you actually ready for the corporate culture you need?” Creating a positive and thriving culture is about far more than simply hanging your company values on the walls of a boardroom. It requires a deep sense of commitment and a renewed sense of […]

Four Critical Steps to Overcome the Cooperation Curse

In all of our experience with companies that are looking to build their culture, or change their culture, one of the things that I’ve noticed that gets in the way above all else is cooperation. Effective cooperation means that everybody on a team in an organisation is heading in the same direction: passionate, committed, and aligned to […]

Four Choices for Leaders to Inspire Culture Change

Culture change can feel slow at times. Trying to get a large group of people to change their behaviour can take a little time, but it is really exciting to see it when it happens. It doesn’t have to take as long as many would think, especially if leaders can be consciously focused and resilient […]

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