The Real Risk of Empowerment: A Gift from Coronavirus

For the past six months, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced organisations to rapidly adapt in order to adjust to, and in many cases survive, the biggest disrupter of the 21st century. Companies have quickly recognised that their business-as-usual approaches to strategy, process and collaboration are too slow and cumbersome for the crisis and have moved to streamline for […]

Gratitude in a Time of Coronavirus: How Giving Thanks Builds Resilience

Last week Australians received the happy news that the restrictions imposed to fight the spread of COVID-19 were being eased. Small pleasures previously taken for granted, such as sitting for a coffee, having friends around for a chat and relaxing in the sun were a possibility again.  While there is reason to celebrate, we are reminded […]

How to Kill a Leadership Meeting Before it Has Even Started

One of the most universal issues we hear leaders raise is how much time they waste each week in unproductive meetings.  Do you ever think about how much more you would get done if you could halve the amount of meetings you attended? The reality is, if you’re in a leadership position it’s unlikely this […]

How to Empower Your Team Without ‘Losing Control’ as a Leader

One of the most significant success factors of being a leader is your ability to empower your team to do their best work.  In the corporate world, empowerment is known to be a bit of a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot with little context or meaning.  In a nutshell, the purpose of empowerment […]

How to Have Accountability Conversations With Your Team Without Compromising Care

One of the dilemmas we face often as leaders is how to have conversations around accountability, without compromising the care we have for our people. Many leaders and managers put a lot of work into building a really positive and supportive environment for their people and then naturally feel torn when the time comes to […]

Three Mistakes Leaders Make When Delivering Negative Feedback

Feedback is one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal as a manager to enable the people around us to grow into the best they can be and truly reach their potential. It gives us a means of making others aware of the things they are doing well, as well as some of the things […]

A Guide to Getting Out of the Comfort Zone Trap

We’re all familiar with our own personal comfort zones. They are unique for every individual, but essentially they’re a place where our subconscious puts all of our habits. The things we do without thinking, the things we enjoy, and the things we find, well, comfortable. The problem is that while we remain in our comfort zones, […]

Eight Mistakes Companies Make That Kill Cooperation

The holy grail for organisational leaders is a culture of cooperation.  Cooperation must come before collaboration because people need to ‘want’ to work together towards an over-arching purpose or vision, before they can effectively work on a project together and solve a problem. Companies with cooperation get the benefit of no wasted energy.  Everyone is heading in exactly […]

Leaders: You’re at Risk of Facing Your Own Cricket Scandal

If you are a leader of people, ask yourself this question – would Steve Smith and David Warner have expressed such deep remorse and emotion right now (as they did in their press conferences) had they not been caught? Would the regret they feel now for their fateful decision, actually be sincere, had they not […]

Is This the Reason Your Employees Are Underperforming?

If you chose to read this today, I guarantee there’s probably at least one person on your team who’s either underperforming or not performing at their best at the moment. In these situations, the easy thing to do is to place blame on the employee’s shoulders instead of your own. While the employee is responsible […]

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