Five Podcasts to Grow Your Management Skills

As managers we lead busy lives, and fitting in time to consistently work on personal growth can become a challenge – especially when you’re already juggling the pressures of work, family, health and just generally trying to enjoy life. 

However one of the easiest ways for busy people to add an extra dose of education to their daily lives is jumping on board the podcast bandwagon. Whether it’s on your commute or at the gym, find 30 minutes to listen to one of our podcast recommendations:

1. The LEADx Show, hosted by Kevin Kruse

The New York Times best-selling author of Employee Engagement 2.0 interviews the hottest leadership experts five days a week. Each episode ends with the guest challenging listeners to get 1 percent better by trying out one specific idea from the show. If you want a daily tip from the world’s best leadership coaches, this show is for you.

2. Dose of Leadership, by Richard Rierson

Dose of leadership has interviews with leaders from all areas of life including military, business, and even faith-based leaders. The show aims to teach leaders and aspiring leaders how to develop themselves and the organisation they lead.

3. This Is Your Life, hosted by Michael Hyatt. 

This is a podcast that focuses on helping overwhelmed high achievers win at work, succeed at life, and lead with confidence. Hyatt discusses the finer points of leadership, productivity, influence, personal development, and goal-setting in his show. This Is Your Life imparts wisdom, humor, and lessons on intentional living to young leaders and elite professionals alike. It’s impactful and meaningful.

4. The Tim Ferris Show

As a self-proclaimed ‘human guinea pig’, Tim Ferris has dedicated his life to deconstructing the routines and behaviours of world-class performers. His podcast includes interviews with inspiring figures like Arnold Schwarzengger and Tony Robbins, as well as business moguls like Matt Mullenweg and Seth Godin.

The greatest thing about these podcasts are the tactics, tools, and routines that you can take on board –  not just to enrich your professional life, but your personal life too.

5. WorkLife with Adam Grant

Hosted by organisational psychologist and TED sensation Adam Grant, WorkLife offers practical advice on how to tackle life in the workplace. As the author of the groundbreaking books Give and Take and Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, Grant continues to take listeners inside the unconventional, exploring how we can all enjoy our day-to-day work just a bit more.

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