Soft Skills are the Next Big Thing

In today’s rapidly evolving workplace landscape, soft skills have become the next ‘big thing’ as organisations strive to adapt to the needs of team members and leaders. Soft skills include a wide range of interpersonal abilities such as communication, empathy, understanding, and mentoring skills. These are all essential for fostering effective leadership and building a positive organisational […]

Mastering the Meeting

As leaders we’ve all been in those frustrating situations where we host a meeting in order to drive a project forward, however, we fail to get the outcomes we were hoping to get.  In some cases, this might be because participants are not prepared, or don’t understand why they are there – leaving them susceptible […]

Want to unlock your leadership potential?

Have you ever taken a second to acknowledge that your team is an extension of you?  Your leadership style makes way for the type of team you have and the type of team you want to create. We want to give you the best chance possible at being a great leader, and it starts with […]

The Ego Trap

In the fast-paced world of leadership, your ability to lead effectively can make or break your team’s success. Navigating the dynamics of organisational culture, leading effective teams and delegation, there’s one key underlying factor shaping all experiences and decisions – your ‘ego’. While confidence is crucial in leadership, an unchecked ego can harm you, your […]

Breaking Free: Embracing Imperfection to Fuel Leadership Growth

For leaders, the pursuit of perfection can often be a double-edged sword. While aiming for excellence is admirable, the relentless pursuit of it can lead to missed opportunities for growth. This concept, known as perfectionism, is a common challenge faced by leaders in various industries. Understanding Perfectionism in Leadership Perfectionism in leadership is characterised by […]

The Role of a Team Leader in Burnout

Burnout has come to be a common word in today’s fast-paced work environments, becoming a growing issue affecting a lot of teams and individuals. While various factors contribute to burnout, leaders play a large role in reducing its impact. So, how can leaders foster a healthy workplace culture and combat burnout among their teams?  Understanding […]

2024 Workplace Trends

2024 has kicked off with continued discussions around status-quo challenging topics such as the 4-day work week, mandatory return-to-office rules, and new workplace laws. Two months down and ten more to go, we think this year is going to be a year of change. What new trends and discussions will become centre stage for the […]

Generational Shifts in the Workplace

We are working in a multigenerational workforce. Our team members have experienced certain events that have changed the way they think and therefore the way they behave and their expectations on others and the workplace.  At Corporate Edge, our team members span across 4 social generations. They are:  Working with team members who have differing […]

Workplace Relationships Aren’t Just a Nice To Have

Many of us find ourselves in a pursuit of the perfect job, an impressive job title, or a substantial salary at what we consider to be the ideal company. We often believe that these markers of success will bring us the fulfilment we crave as human beings. However, research conducted across various organisations and industries […]

Why You Need Conflict to Grow

Do you find yourself not wanting to be involved in a disagreement? Maybe you should think again! Disagreements are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean they have to be destructive. We often learn how to navigate conflict by actually having one. In fact, we spend almost 2.1 hours of our working week resolving disagreements. (1) This, […]

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