How to Inspire the Best in Your Team

There are several key focus areas as a leader but a couple of those are more fundamental, they are: 

1. Creating a vision that inspires the team 

2. Role model the behaviours you expect from the team  

Great teams are fostered through great leadership and bringing out the best in your people is a major part of the role. Leaders create the environment for people to succeed in. This means putting things in place to facilitate people showing up as their best self, fostering high levels of engagement and keeping the team focused toward achieving the common goal. 

Alongside the positives, creating an environment for success also means 

  • Removing obstacles 
  • Supporting autonomy 
  • Supporting learning and professional development 
  • Creating accountability 

While it’s easy to get lost in the mundane admin tasks of management, it’s important to know how to re-focus on bringing out the very best in your team as a leader. So, here are our top two tips on doing just that. 


Communication is the most important tool you have at your disposal. Set the example for your team and be open and communicative with individuals showing them you are approachable. Showing your vulnerability is an important part of this, it will build trust and allow them to also be vulnerable. This also creates a psychologically safe environment. In turn, people will be more comfortable in sharing their difficulties, allowing you to work through these challenges with them and fostering a deeper relationship and trust. 


Feedback really is a gift. Giving constructive positive (and negative) feedback is important to the growth of individuals in your team. Giving positive feedback and more regular recognition or praise is crucial to acknowledging people when they’ve excelled or had a positive contribution to their work, project or the team in general. For example, if someone is working on a long-term project, they need to be recognised and shown appreciation at all stages of the project, not just upon completion. 

Likewise, providing constructive negative feedback allows them to know what they can work on to improve. Remember, the only reason why we give this feedback is because we care and want to see them succeed.  

As leaders, we always need to be mindful of the general mood and feelings of our team as a whole and individuals. Having this level of awareness will contribute positively to the success and happiness of your team, as well bring out the very best in all. 


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