Why You Need to Stop Assuming People Are out to Get You

Do you ever find yourself feeling angered or frustrated by the actions of others? In these situations do you ever find yourself feeling as if whoever has annoyed you has done so intentionally? If we answer honestly, chances are we can all respond with a resounding ‘yes’ to both of those questions. It’s quite normal […]

The Key to Becoming More Motivated

Where does our energy and motivation come from? Simple question right? If we take this question at surface level, we’d say that energy comes from the food we ate, the amount of sleep we get each night and overall how healthy we are. All of those answers would be correct. However, have you ever noticed the […]

Building Confidence: How to Use Self-Belief & Past Experience

Confidence – Why is it that some leaders have it while others lack it? Why is it that someone who is clearly capable and has gotten themselves into a senior role can lack confidence to the point they feel paralysis when making decisions? Is confidence ALWAYS a good thing? In this episode of his Master Coach […]

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