Why You Need to Stop Assuming People Are out to Get You

Do you ever find yourself feeling angered or frustrated by the actions of others?

In these situations do you ever find yourself feeling as if whoever has annoyed you has done so intentionally?

If we answer honestly, chances are we can all respond with a resounding ‘yes’ to both of those questions.

It’s quite normal to feel frustrated at times, but as human beings, we tend to default to negative intent which can be detrimental.

When something goes wrong or when someone does something that we don’t think is right, we automatically assume that they’ve done it on purpose. We allow ourselves to believe that there’s a master plan that they’ve hatched and put into place purely to inconvenience us.  

In reality, this is rarely the case. Generally, when people annoy or inconvenience us it is done so unintentionally and unknowingly.

Defaulting to assuming negative intent can not only have a negative effect on our mindset and relationships, but it can also detract from our skills as leaders.

As leaders, it’s critical to assume positive intent instead. Doing so allows us to take intent out of the picture and keep the focus on behaviour.

In this video, Phil explores this concept further, giving us further insight into how assuming positive intent and instead focusing on behaviours can make you a greater leader.


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