How to Make Tough Business Decisions

One of the key traits of an impactful and effective leader is the ability to make great decisions, even in difficult or high-pressure situations. 

However making a great decision is not always easy – especially if emotions are high or there are multiple stakeholders or business outcomes that could be impacted.

In this video we’ll codify the decision-making process, giving you a simple two step framework to work through next time you are put in a position where you have to make a tough decision. 

Step One: Dehumanise the problem

In order to make a great decision, you first need to dehumanise the problem – look at it in black and white. 

Ask yourself objectively: What are the facts you are dealing with here? What has actually happened? What is the reality you’re facing?

One of the mistakes leaders often make is they stop at this point. They look at the facts and make a black and white decisions without considering other variables, which brings us to step two… 

Step Two: Humanise the solution 

The reality is life is not black and white – life is lived in the grey. This means, once you dehumanise a problem, you need to remember to ‘humanise the solution’. 

By this we mean looking at the impact your decision will have on the people around you: What will the emotional impact be? Is the decision that makes sense logically actually going to generate the best results? Or could it do more harm than good?

Considering the emotional impact of a decision does not necessarily mean that we hold back from making it, however it might make you rethink how you communicate that decision or how you could minimise the negative impact. 

We encourage you to use this framework next time you are faced with a difficult decision – either professionally or personally. In the comments below, we’d love for you to share: what do you factor in when making tough decisions?


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