Have you found your groove? 

Quite a long time ago now, I was pondering why people fall into three distinct groups when it comes to happiness with their working life. The first group are happy, energised and driven, whilst there are others, in the second group, who are more ambivalent and stuck in their daily routines and just follow the […]

How to Make Tough Business Decisions

One of the key traits of an impactful and effective leader is the ability to make great decisions, even in difficult or high-pressure situations.  However making a great decision is not always easy – especially if emotions are high or there are multiple stakeholders or business outcomes that could be impacted. In this video we’ll […]

Three Critical Elements of Strong Workplace Relationships

When we talk about culture, we often stress the importance of creating values that allow our employees to align to our culture and embedding certain collective behaviours within our teams. But something that can get overlooked when we talk about culture is the importance of building strong relationships. Ultimately, one of the critical components of building an […]

The Simple Two-Step Technique to Move Past Workplace Conflict

Have you ever experienced a conversation where you feel like yourself and the other person are on a completely different page? This is something I come across often in the discussions I have with senior executives, as they’re frustrated by the fact that they’ve got a very strong point they’re trying to make to someone, […]

How to Navigate a Difficult Workplace Relationship

One of the most common issues we see organisational leaders face throughout their careers is a relationship breakdown with someone in the workplace. Think back to a time when you have sensed a conflict with someone more senior to you, or a disconnect with a divisional colleague or team member. If not handled appropriately even […]

How to Create an Environment for Success in Your Team

Have you ever felt that you’re letting one of your team down because they’re simply not succeeding?  They’re not achieving what you believe they’re capable of, or they’re not reaching their true potential? It’s quite natural in these situations to question whether you are doing enough as a leader, as you feel a sense of […]

How to Handle a CEO Who’s Creating a Toxic Culture

The leaders of your company inevitably play a vital role in shaping the company culture – whether they are consciously creating it or not. Your team aren’t mind readers, so without clear cultural expectations and guidance from the top down the culture will ultimately manifest itself. Chances are if it’s not crafted with intention, the […]

Building Confidence: How to Use Self-Belief & Past Experience

Confidence – Why is it that some leaders have it while others lack it? Why is it that someone who is clearly capable and has gotten themselves into a senior role can lack confidence to the point they feel paralysis when making decisions? Is confidence ALWAYS a good thing? In this episode of his Master Coach […]

Why is Culture Important?

One of the more common questions we are asked by leaders in organisations is: How am I going to achieve the [ever-increasing] financial results I’m looking for? This question isn’t new. Commercial targets and business expectations have always existed but how we go about achieving them has changed. It wasn’t so long ago that if […]

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