How to Create an Environment for Success in Your Team

Have you ever felt that you’re letting one of your team down because they’re simply not succeeding? 

They’re not achieving what you believe they’re capable of, or they’re not reaching their true potential?

It’s quite natural in these situations to question whether you are doing enough as a leader, as you feel a sense of personal responsibility for each person in your team.

However, it’s also important as a leader to understand the level to which you can influence a person’s success and the point where you need to step back and let your team take personal ownership of their growth.

 To break this down simply, in this video I talk about how you can create an environment for success as well as what to expect from your team in return.

Your Role as Leader in Building a Successful Workplace Environment

Ultimately you need to remember that while it is your responsibility as a leader to create an environment for success, it is up to your team to choose to step up, lean into the opportunity and succeed on their own merit.

If you are questioning whether you have created an environment for success, then I suggest reading this article ‘4 reasons your employees are underperforming‘ – here we break down the triggers for poor performance, so you can assess whether you have effectively set your team up to succeed.


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