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One of the things that we always ask a new client when we meet them is what are your company values?

Generally most leaders can articulate what their values are, but the second question we ask often stumps them… How do you know that your values are being lived in your organisation?

For many companies, values are the intangible principles that underpin what they do, however often the missing piece of the puzzle is that there are no behaviours associated with the values or way of measuring that they’re actually being lived.

While the values are crafted with good intentions, unfortunately they often become nothing more than framed slogans that hang on the wall, with no real relevance in the day-to-day operations of the business.

In this video, we’ll dive into why values play such an important role in your business and how to embed them into your culture effectively.

Now you have a better understanding of why values are important and how to embed them into your culture, take a moment to reflect on these questions:

  1. As a leader are you role-modelling and living the values? Remember – you are the benchmark, and set the standard that your team need to meet.
  2. Are your team aware of what the values are, and more importantly, do they understand why they’re so important so they can actually align their behaviours to those values?


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