Want to unlock your leadership potential?

Have you ever taken a second to acknowledge that your team is an extension of you? 

Your leadership style makes way for the type of team you have and the type of team you want to create. We want to give you the best chance possible at being a great leader, and it starts with self-awareness and accountability. Where do they come from? Self-awareness and accountability come from coaching. 

We’ve recognised a need for coaching at all levels, not just C-suites or executives. The greatest impact is had by new, emerging and front-line leaders that lead their teams towards the organisation’s goals. And historically, the development of these leaders has been underfunded, despite them having great impact. 

Our new coaching program ‘Unlocking Leadership Potential’ offers personalised support and guidance for leaders seeking to embrace leadership in all its variations. We’re making coaching accessible and affordable to the leaders in your organisation that need it most.

As an organisation, we exist to facilitate human potential – your potential. And because your leaders are the key to a successful organisational strategy, unlocking their potential, helping them lead effective teams, foster environments of success and care is no longer just a nice to have. 

On average, teams with effective managers perform better by 53%

Curious to know more? We’re answering the most commonly asked questions. 

Warning: Reading this will lead to signing up for our coaching program. 

What’s the number one reason why new leaders should invest in coaching?

Mid-tier leaders are, in most cases, the backbone of an organisation, driving performance, fostering innovation, and shaping culture. Coaching will serve to maximise their potential and accelerate organisational growth. This also allows your people to effectively lead their teams to success, ultimately benefitting everyone!

A strong coaching culture improves performance by 24%

How can coaching help a person grow as a leader?

Coaching challenges their thinking. It will:

  • Make them question how they act and show up.
  • Challenge their previously held biases and opinions.
  • Open up their thinking to embracing new ways of working and ways of leading their teams.
  • Provide new strategies that can be implemented immediately in the workplace for the betterment of themselves and their team.

As difficulties or challenges arise, the coachee has someone to lean on, seek advice from and request support as they navigate a tricky situation. 

What does coaching teach individuals that on-the-job experience can’t? 

On the job, you are not reflecting on your behaviour and your thinking may not always be challenged by your leader or peers. It’s easy to get stuck into a pattern of behaviour that doesn’t serve the individual, team or organisation because there’s no time for reflection or a culture of feedback hasn’t been established. You will only grow as much as your leader grows. 

What’s the most common problem or challenge that your coachee’s experience? 

Every person is different, but there are common challenges that the coachee’s may experience. A coachee may not be committed to the program, which will always lead to a negative experience or an inability to accept feedback. A coachee must want to be coached, otherwise there’s no point. The other side of it, a coachee may not have a burning platform to change. In other words, they are happy with the status quo, happy with their behaviour and how they’re currently operating. 

A person must truly want to change in order to change. 

52% increase in feeling a sense of belonging in a high coaching culture

Why might people not want to get coached? 

There’s been an assumption that coaching is for high-level executives and C-suites, where they lead large teams and juggle multiple facets of a role. And with that high level support, comes a high price tag. 

However, this isn’t true. We’ve recognised a burning need for mid-tier, new and emerging leaders to be coached. 

And the best part? You don’t need to ask for budget. It’s costed to be affordable, sustainable and scalable, so that your leaders have the right support from the beginning, turning into high-performing, top talent that exceed expectations and help your organisation grow. 

Any advice for new leaders? 

Every great athlete has a coach – if you want to be a great leader, you need a coach! 

Keen to start now? Download our information pack by filling out the form below, or contact us so we can work with you to create a coaching program tailored to your needs. 



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