Wellbeing Resolutions to Stress Less in 2023

This time of year, people tend to start thinking about new year’s resolutions. What changes do they want to make for the new year? What habits can they implement to make them healthier? How can they improve their lives for a better future? Typically, these goals are centred around health, fitness, money and achievements. But have you stopped to consider how you can make wellbeing resolutions – or goals – in order to improve and your mental and emotional state long-term? 

Here are our top five wellbeing resolutions that you can implement in your life, for a better you. 

Get enough sleep! 

Sleep is so important to our cognitive function, mental wellbeing, physical shape and more. It is crucial that we all get 7-9 hours sleep per night, ensuring we are functioning at our absolute best! Without a solid sleep every night, Australians are 80% less productive during their day. [source]

Pick up a hobby 

Having interests outside of your work is important in keeping us energised and motivated. It’s these activities and hobbies that keep us mentally stimulated, continually learning and having fun! Doing things you enjoy helps you maintain a balanced lifestyle and gives you a healthy dose of happy hormones and eustress, the positive type of stress that keep feeling alive! 

Focus on your relationships 

Prioritising your relationships, whether your family unit, old friends, new friends is so important, because you are heavily influenced by the people you spend the most time with. The company you keep has a significant impact on your quality of life, mental state and overall satisfaction with life. A social network filled with healthy relationships can provide barriers, support and most of all, celebrations. 

Prioritising your relationships can also look like letting go of the ones that no longer serve you. Separating yourself from people that don’t light you up or provide positivity in your life, will allow new experiences and new people to come into your life. 

Implement a daily meditation practise 

Implementing a daily meditation practise decreases stress, limits your ‘monkey brain’ and will greatly benefit your emotional state. You can try apps like Calm, Balance or Headspace or search Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube for some guided meditations. 


A clean space is a clean mind. Over time, our cupboards, homes, desks can become cluttered with unnecessary stuff that we’ve accumulated. It’s important to declutter and remove the stress that comes from having clutter. Taking the time to purge and get organised, will help relieve the mental burden as well as the unprecedented stress that living with clutter brings. It’s also a great opportunity to donate any items to those less fortunate. 

There you go! There are our five wellbeing resolutions that you can take onboard to improve your overall wellbeing for the long term. 


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