Why You Need Conflict to Grow

Do you find yourself not wanting to be involved in a disagreement? Maybe you should think again! Disagreements are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean they have to be destructive. We often learn how to navigate conflict by actually having one. In fact, we spend almost 2.1 hours of our working week resolving disagreements. (1) This, […]

1% Growth Will Change You

We’ve all tried to change our behaviour. Whether it’s breaking a bad habit, adopting a healthier lifestyle, or developing new skills, our pursuit of change reflects our very human desire to adapt and evolve.   But, when we think about change, we can make the mistake of believing it only happens in “leaps and bounds”. How […]

Your Role in Culture

Transformational change is not possible without a great culture. This is because the organisation doesn’t have the right environment for evolution and growth. How can we ensure that the culture we have, is the culture we need?  Leadership has the biggest influence on culture. It’s the ability to navigate the change, be the change, and […]

The Right Way to Hold Accountability Conversations 

Many people often mistake accountability for criticism. This is especially true when accountability conversations lack the right framing. As a result, we can find ourselves recoiling from the very idea of being held accountable or holding others accountable. Rosalynn Carter, a witness of one of the western world’s great leaders Jimmy Carter, noted: “A leader […]

How Much Should I Focus on Strategy vs. Culture?

Our fixation on strategy is natural. We must be solution focused to be great leaders, and we lean into creating effective strategies to review our performance against the market. Yet, this process often causes us to neglect our organisational culture – and then we begin to tread water.   We need to have the right culture […]

Is Imposter Syndrome Sabotaging Your Success?

Welcome to the high-octane world of modern workplaces, where many leaders navigate the hidden, unspoken struggle known as imposter syndrome. This psychological occurrence can impact individuals at every level, questioning their achievements and challenges their deservingness of success.  Unmasking the Illusion  Imposter syndrome is the relentless fear of being unmasked as a fraud, despite a […]

Cultivating a Purpose-Driven Culture

The role of behaviour in the workplace has undergone a significant transformation in line with a distinctly different level of expectation from team members around culture. Previously, leaders would dictate how individuals should behave by instructing them on their expected norms and standards. The recent emergence of organisational leadership though has revolutionised not only our approach […]

The Comfort Zone Trap

You need to talk to your leader about your future opportunities, but before the meeting even starts, you start to catastrophise. Taking on more responsibility would allow you to grow, but you are faced with your own growing imposter syndrome. You want to pursue the next step in your career, but it’s easier to be comfortable […]

Alignment Conversations and Leadership Success

The command-and-control management approach has been prevalent for decades. It emphasises a hierarchical structure, which applies pressure from the top down. You may have experienced this in your own career, where leaders enforce orders and inflexible policies from a great distance, and team members have little to no input on the direction of their professional careers or […]

Leadership & Personal Branding

The most valuable asset of a leader is their personal brand. It can inspire trusting teams, retain loyal team members and clients, and build long-lasting relationships. The practice of creating a positive personal brand is what makes leaders memorable. However, an unkempt personal brand can still make leaders memorable – but for all the wrong reasons.   In […]

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